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Blue Ash :: Overview

First Impression: Quiet and idyllic, Blue Ash is like the modernized version of a perfect 50’s neighborhood – neat, new houses with perfect lawns, bright, shiny office buildings, great expanses of green space and wide-lane roads stretching as far as one can see. One of the best places to raise a family or find a job, Blue Ash is a picturesque town that offers a simple, wholesome lifestyle with contemporary conveniences.

Second Look: Though Blue Ash only has a population of around 13,000, it is second to Cincinnati as the largest employer in the area - its daytime population jumps to 55,000. This generates a strong economy within the city, helping to support about 2,000 businesses. In fact, the Fortune Small Business magazine named Blue Ash one of the 100 best places in America to live and launch a small business. Home to a number of corporate satellite locations, such as offices for P&G, Time Warner, and Citigroup's IT division, Blue Ash gives a very clear image of being a place to do business.

However, Blue Ash is also an inviting place to live, especially for those with children. Named in both editions of the book 50 Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family, Blue Ash is favored by families for its safe neighborhoods, ample recreational facilities and good schools (Sycamore Community Schools are rated among the best in the state).

Historically, Blue Ash consisted of a rural farm community throughout the 1800s and did not incorporate as a village until 1955. In 1961, Blue Ash became a city. Since then, the community has been carefully planned, designating exactly 35% of land use for business and 35% for residential, leaving the remaining land for public use. This careful design ensures that there are plenty of parks and other recreational facilities for the public to enjoy.

This emphasis on creating a family-friendly environment as well as a bustling business zone contributes to the contrast of quaint residential neighborhoods bordering large office complexes, and beautiful parks interspersed between four-lane roads and shopping centers. Life in Blue Ash is straight-forward, clean cut, orderly and pleasant, ideal for a busy professional who enjoys the peace and solitude of the suburbs with quick access to modern conveniences. Having a car is essential to getting around in Blue Ash, however - though some streets offer nice strolls, everything is spread out within the neighborhood, and bus service is limited. Located about 20 minutes north of Downtown, Blue Ash remains reasonably close to Cincinnati, but far enough to retain a certain degree of insulation.

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The city is equal parts industry, residential and public space, a balance many find attractive. On sunny summer evenings, you can find a crowd of Blue Ash residents listening to free concerts at the Blue Ash Towne Square.

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