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Clifton :: Food & Drink

Clifton Dining at Tink's 200Clifton is a foodie favorite, and offers a veritable smorgasbord of eclectic, ethnic and independent dining. Aside from the requisite Subway, Skyline Chili and Bruegger’s Bagels, corporate “box” restaurants don’t exist there – those in the mood for the “same old” are encouraged by Cliftonites to purchase a TV dinner and get it over with, or take a hike to the ‘burbs. However, those seeking adventurous or vegetarian fare will be satisfied in Clifton.

It would be safe to wager that Ludlow Avenue boasts more Northern Indian restaurants per capita than any strip outside New Delhi. With three Indian restaurants – Amol, Ambar and Apna - within a single block, curry heads can more than get their fix. If you want to try your own hand at cooking Indian cuisine, stop by the Indian Supermarket behind Amol, Jagdeep’s Grocery, where you can select from all manner of exotic ingredients.

If you should ever tire of Indian, Ludlow also offers good, dependable Chinese, delectable Thai, sumptuous Italian, spicy Mediterranean and funky Mexican fusion. If spicy or ethnic is not your speed, try a hand-tossed pizza at Dewey’s, bagel and coffee at Sitwells, greasy spoon breakfast at Proud Rooster or bistro fare accompanied by live Jazz at Tinks. Finish off your culinary expedition with a French-pot ice cream cone at Graeter’s before you head over to the latest indie blockbuster at the movie theater and the evening is complete! A word of warning to anyone who walks the streets of Clifton on an empty stomach – wonderful food smells, predominantly curry-oriented, dominate the air waves. So if you don’t have time to dine, or happen to be on a diet, walking through Clifton while hungry can be somewhat masochistic.


Clifton Nightlife at Arlin's 200Clifton, unlike its boisterous twin up the road (University Heights, with which it is often confused) has a laid-back nightlife scene. Head to Arlin’s next to the fire house for live music, pool and large back patio – which is a favorite hang for Reds and Bengals fans to watch the games. A little further up Ludlow on Jefferson Avenue, Fries Café offers pool, table hockey, cornhole (a Cincinnati favorite sport) and live music most weekends. Another option, particularly good for a dinner and movie combination, is Olive’s bar and grill. There is also a straight-friendly hole-in-the-wall gay bar called The Golden Lions (often touted as the oldest gay bar in the city) where you can find pool, karaoke and dance nights. If you are in the mood for a hot alcoholic beverage or have a mixed group of drinkers and teetotalers, Sitwells is a good bet – they offer food, coffee and alcoholic beverages and ever-changing local artwork. If you’re in the mood for a burrito with your draft, try Habanero’s – they always have a few good choices on tap.

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