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Covington :: Arts & Play

Covington ArtsCovington is developing an impressive arts reputation. It's an increasingly attractive destination for artists looking to relocate – besides the energy and support of an arts community, the city also offers a $6,000 cash incentive for artists purchasing a home within a designated zone.

Covington also hosts a large gallery hop on the first Friday of every month, with art of all mediums displayed in both traditional galleries and small businesses such as cafes and bars. There are numerous galleries, arts centers and museums in the area.

The Carnegie is a multi-media arts venue that hosts exhibits, educational programs and special events; you can expect to see anything from a film screening to a food art exhibit to a fringe theatre production within its 17,000 square foot facility.

The Frank Duveneck Arts and Cultural Center is built in and beside the historic home of Covington artist Frank Duveneck and offers arts programs for all ages, including visual arts, fiber arts and dance classes. Baker Hunt, located in a large historic house, hosts classes and workshops for children and adults, primarily in visual arts. The Artists’ Enterprise Center is a business resource for artists, and offers business workshops and information services aimed at professional artists.

The Behringer-Crawford Museum, located in the midst of Devou Park, is a four-level museum dedicated to telling the story of Northern Kentucky history through the lens of transportation: Rails, Rivers, Roads and Runways. Each floor has a path in the shape of a railway, river, road or runway that will take you through the interactive, hands-on exhibit.

The Cathedral Basilica is itself a work of art. It is home to the world's largest stained glass window, a magnificent rose window, and interior paintings by Frank Duveneck. It also hosts free concents on a regular basis, and the Cincinnati May Festival holds one concert there each year which is always a sellout.

Covington FunIt's fun to walk around Covington. Whether window-shopping on the MainStrasse, or strolling through the historic neighborhoods, it’s definitely an area best explored on foot. The River Walk, which spans 13 blocks along the shore of the Ohio River, is a beautiful and scenic path. Two bridges, both walkable, also link to downtown Cincinnati and Newport, respectively.

Covington’s most notable recreational gem, however, is Devou Park – a 550-acre expanse of greenery and rolling hills. Home of Drees Pavilion, a popular reception facility, and the Behringer-Crawford Museum, Devou also contains multiple playgrounds, walking and biking trails, a fishing area, tennis courts, a large amphitheater for outdoor concerts, picnic shelters with fire pits and a challenging 18-hole golf course. Devou also offers one of the best views of both Cincinnati and Covington. In addition to gorgeous Devou, there are other Covington parks worth visiting, including Goebel Park and the Bill Cappel Youth Sports Complex.

For those who enjoy swimming, public pools can be found at Senator Gus Sheehan Park on Parkway Avenue, Randolph Park at 8th and Greenup, Goebel Park at 8th and Dalton and Covington Water Park (at the Bill Cappel Youth Sports Complex) at 43rd and Decoursey.


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