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Covington :: Food & Drink

Covington DiningCovington’s dining is as diverse as its residents – you can find everything from a number of greasy spoons and home-style diners to upscale bistros and wine bars. You can also find ethnic eateries including one of the area’s few Korean restaurants (and only Korean tea house), a traditional German restaurant, a Greek diner and a number of pubs serving fish and chips and other British favorites. Anchor Grill is know for being open 'round the clock, and early risers can also enjoy several coffee shops and First Watch.

For a romantic river dining experience, you can take your meal atop a historic steamboat, Mike Fink, which was built in 1936 and converted into a restaurant in 1959. For music with dinner, check out Dee Felice and Chez Nora.

One thing to keep in mind about Covington (and all of Northern Kentucky) is that there is no smoking ban – if you’re looking for a place that allows you a cigarette at the dinner table, you can find plenty here. If smoke isn’t something you enjoy with your meal, you may wish to call the venue beforehand to find out their policy.


Covington NightlifeFor many, Covington is synonymous with the word “nightlife.” The Mainstrasse/Pike Street area is packed with a variety of clubs and bars – everything from smoky dives to Irish Pubs and dance clubs pumping industrial electronica.

Many venues offer live music; Chez Nora and Dee Felice regularly feature live Jazz, while Cock and Bull and Bar Monet serve up a variety of local acts. The Avenue on Madison is a great place to catch some blues, as is CoCo’s Family Restaurant. Molly Malone’s on Scott often hosts music benefit concerts and salsa dancing nights. The Mad Hatter and Madison Theatre are established music venues for seeing up and coming independent artists as well as national touring acts. If you enjoy drinking outdoors, Cosmos, Chez Nora and The Avenue all have pleasant open-air options. If you prefer wine to beer, Bouquet and Chalk offer a generous wine selection. For sports fans, Tickets on 6th St. is the ticket. Not sure where to begin your pub sampling? Just throw a rock – it is sure to land near a watering hole.

Despite Covington’s rough and tumble blue-collar image, it does offer GLBT options – there is a gay/lesbian bar called Yadda on Pike and a lesbian bar called Rosie’s Tavern on Bakewell. If you like an exotic smoke, there is a hookah lounge called Gypsy Café on Mainstrasse.

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