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Downtown Personal CarePersonal Care

Working out is not hard to do Downtown. The YWCA on Walnut Street and the YMCA on Central Parkway offer complete facilities including pools, indoor tracks, racquetball, squash and handball courts, massage services, personal trainers and fitness classes. Many Downtown professionals tone and strengthen at The Gym at Tower Place, in the basement of the Carew Tower. The riverfront is a popular route for runners, some of whom are in training for the annual Flying Pig Marathon, an event that balances Cincinnati's porcine proclivities with Protestant self-punishment.

Kinder, gentler personal care includes getting a brief but needed massage at the 10 Minute Backrub Store in Tower Place. East meets West at Inner Peace Salon, offering holistic services such as yoga and guided meditation as well as salon services ranging from reflexology to hair and nails. For further self-pampering there’s also Paragon Salon and Day Spa at the corner of 4th and Race.

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