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Glendale :: Arts & Play

Glendale Arts Community CenterAll Glendale entertainment is family-friendly - and most will be found at the Harry Whiting Brown Community Center, which opened in 1929 as a gathering place for all residents. This center offers a plethora of activities for kids, such as Boy and Cub Scouts, Spanish lessons, a movie series and community theater. A Saturday summer concert series showcases musical acts from around the tri-state area, and during the winter months the center offers an interesting educational lecture series.

Glendale recreation street viewFun in Glendale is often an outdoor activity. Possibly the most popular sport in the neighborhood is jogging - on any given morning, there are many friendly folks jogging up and down the strip. There are also five parks in Glendale: Washington Park, Summit Park, Lake Park, Eckstein Park and Cleveland Park. In addition to green spaces, Glendale also has a couple of private recreational clubs: Queen City Racquet Club, where members hone their tennis skills, and The Glendale Lyceum, a small, historic exclusive club offering pool, tennis, golf and social events for all ages. Children can also enjoy free programs (such as reading hour, lectures and movies) at the Harry Whiting Brown Community House.

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