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Mount Adams :: Food & Drink

Mt Adams Teak interiorDining in Mt. Adams is a joy; it has nine restaurants, all superb. Several of the most notable are Teak Thai Restaurant, which, besides offering delectable Thai cuisine, also has a beautiful outdoor patio. Mt. Adams Fish House is known as one of the city's best places to have fish. Porkopolis, which was formerly Rookwood Pottery Restaurant, is a National Historic Register Building - and where else can you enjoy your burger in a kiln? The Celestial is a four-star restaurant with a breathtaking view of the city - a feast for the eyes as well as the appetite.


Mt Adams night cropMt. Adam's population increases greatly at night, in no small part because of their wonderful and unique selection of bars. The atmosphere in each varies greatly, from demure wine sipping at The Wine Cellar to club-style dancing at Mt. Adams Pavilion. The Blind Lemon is perhaps one of the city's most unusual watering holes; its low entryways, peculiar décor and mood lighting can lend the feeling of walking into the town pub in a Tolkien novel. Guido's Lounge has specials every day of the week except Saturday, and no mention of Mt. Adams is complete without a nod to Longworth's, a historic saloon-style restaurant and nightclub with a garden. Aliveone is also worth a visit, and features Cincinnati's only "all-live" jukebox, containing live recordings of favorite Rock & Roll bands from past to present. For those that appreciate Irish pubs, Crowley's is the oldest one in town.

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