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Mount Adams :: Noteworthy

Mt. Adams is truly a unique neighborhood, with one-of-a-kind attractions such as The Art Museum, Playhouse in the Park, and Krohn Conservatory. But it is its location on a hill high above the Ohio River that provides the neighborhood's most noteable feature: the stunning views of the city.

Mt Adams Panorama

Many homes and restaurants are built to incorporate these views, and the Eden Park Overlook and the Church of the Immaculata provide lovely locations where residents and visitors can enjoy the splendid vistas.

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Official Home Page of Mount Adams:

One of Cincinnati's most charming neighborhoods, this winding hilltop community hosts trendy residents, diverse retail businesses and a hot collection of nightclubs and restaurants.

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Mt. Adams is a perfect neighborhood for a walking tour. The captivating and diverse architecture, the steep, narrow streets and the scenic views of Cincinnati and the riverfront make for an interesting, if sometimes strenuous, tour.

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Mt. Adams sits above downtown Cincinnati--carved out of a hill with roads, like arteries, running narrow and small... the area around St. Gregory Square houses a fountain, art and antique galleries, bars, restaurants, a wine shop and knick-knack boutiques.

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