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Mount Lookout :: Shopping

Mt Lookout ShoppingShopping in Mt. Lookout is all centered around Mt. Lookout Square, where one-of-a-kind shops are full of unusual offerings. Looking for a rare book? Try Dust Jacket Books. Or if you’re searching for a hard-to-find model or an old version of your favorite board game, Boardwalk Hobby Shop either has it or will locate it for you. Outfit your kitty at Confetti Cats, a Boutique for Feline Fanciers, or outfit yourself with a Vera Bradley purse or accessory at The Gift Box. Unicorn Miniatures has a store full of intriguing miniatures, and Stereo Advantage, voted 2008 Cincinnati magazine’s best stereo gear store, offers personal attention to your stereo needs. Another unique store is Vin Ecco Clock Shop, which has been repairing and restoring clocks for over 80 years (only the last 30 or so years in its present location). Finally, harkening back to the days before chain grocery stores, Beacon Food Market is a deli / meat market / grocery where you can get a great sandwich and buy a prime cut of meat or other fine groceries. And, they deliver.

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