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Mount Lookout :: Living

This listing of Community Services and Places is designed as a guide to the essential services and destinations of this neighborhood. "Community Services" are the specific services that are used by residents of this neighborhood; "Places" are the free, public places in this neighborhood that both residents and visitors may wish to go.

Community Services

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Official Home Page of Mount Lookout:

Home of Cincinnati's sixteen inch astronomic telescope and Ault park, Mt. Lookout boasts locally owned one of a kind specialty shops as well as upscale restaurants, and neighborhood watering holes.

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Nestled away in the hills of Mount Lookout, I suppose it's rather easy to overlook, but that was sort of the idea back in 1873, when the observatory moved from Mount Adams to the then-isolated hills of Mount Lookout.

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Mt. Lookout, one of the city's most sought after addresses, has much to recommend it. There's Ault Park, the crowning jewel of the city's park district... The streets are lined with shady trees and well-kept homes.

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