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Newport :: Arts & Play

Southgate House NewportNewport works to support and promote its artists. Every first Friday of the month, the city hosts WAAM night, which stands for Writers, Actors, Artists and Musicians. During this night of the month, many participating shops and artistic venues stay open late and feature art, music or theatre of some kind. Some of the participants include Gallerie Zaum, Seventh Street Gifts, Mammoth Café, Stained Glass Theatre, Monmouth Theatre, The Historic Southgate House and Steamboat Bagels, among others. During the rest of the month, one can attend full theatrical productions at Monmouth Theatre and Stained Glass Theatre, as well as live music concerts at The Historic Southgate House. Those that enjoy cabaret can take in original shows at Shadowbox Cabaret. For a good, old-fashioned flick, AMC has 20 theatres showing the latest blockbusters. Every now and then, the city puts on big festivals, such as the annual Monmouth Art and Jazz Festival.

Purple People BridgeBesides a gorgeous river walk that leads from near the Veteran's Memorial Bridge to Covington and a walk across the Purple People Bridge to downtown Cincinnati, there are about a dozen parks in Newport where one can get a little exercise or relax with a book.

There are a couple of other, less-conventional ways to have fun in Newport: rent a horse and buggy for a spin around the neighborhood ... or hop aboard an all-terrain giant duck! These amphibious vehicles tour around Newport on land, then hop into the water for a river tour. The city also organizes both adult and child softball teams, and more programs are available at Ralph Mussman Recreation Complex. Those who enjoy martial arts can try out Fry's Taekwondo Family.

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