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Northside :: Arts & Play

Northside A&E

Northside rocks, quite literally. From aging hippies to young hipsters, Northsiders are big on music and art. On any given night of the week, there are sure to be multiple musical venues in use, and art is just a matter of course, often displayed in coffeeshops and restaurants, along with the more traditional gallery spaces, such as Feralmade Gallery and Off the Avenue Studios. The Comet offers an eclectic mix of Rock, Bluegrass, Emo, Irish Folk and everything in between, including local, undiscovered, unrefined talent on Karaoke night. The Northside Tavern, with its new back room, now has multiple performance spaces and hosts everything from Jazz to Indie Rock, Soul and International music. Other venues, such as the Gypsy Hut, cover all styles as well, and occasionally host DJ nights where folks can do some serious dancing.

For day-time art action, stop by Happen, Inc, a nonprofit organization that provides adults and children an opportunity to explore art projects together. Classes are designed for adult-child teams, and are designed to spark creativity, sharpen basic art skills and enhance arts awareness.

Northside RecreationOne would think that a neighborhood in the center of the city would struggle to create recreation and green space for visitors or residents, but in Northside, nature is part of nurture. Northside is home to America's largest nonprofit cemetery, Spring Grove Cemetery, which was built in 1845. All 733 acres of the cemetery are immaculately manicured and landscaped, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere equal to any nature preserve. In addition to Spring Grove Cemetery, Northside boasts Hoffner Park at the corner of Blue Rock and Hamilton, where local festivities such as the Gay Pride Parade and the 4th of July Parade take place.

Other nearby green spaces include Mt. Airy Forest, Cincinnati's largest park (of 1,470 acres!), Buttercup Valley, Parker's Woods, Badgeley Run Park and Bradford-Felter Tanglewood preserve.

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