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Northside :: Food & Drink

Northside Dining Melt


From a vegan-friendly diner to a greasy spoon to a late night burrito joint, Northside's many culinary hot spots are as diverse as the folks who frequent them. What most restaurants in Northside have in common is that they are independent; aside from the requisite Taco Bell and White Castle, the smile that serves you in Northside often belongs to the face that owns the place.


One interesting culinary story is Slims, an eclectic, slow-food restaurant run by Patrick McCafferty. The food at Slims is always fresh and changing, with a decidedly South and Central American feel, and a locavore slant. Some of the greens and vegetables served are even grown in a small garden between two buildings around the corner!


If your budget is tighter, or you're eating late night, head to The Comet Bar for a killer burrito, people watching and free bands, or stop at Boswell Alley for awesome grub food until 4 a.m.


Northside NightlifeNorthside nightlife equals music. Not just any music though - independent music. If you're looking for a cover band, this is not the place (don't even say those words around the locals, unless it's followed by a grimace of disdain). No matter what type of music you crave, whether Rock, Bluegrass, Hip Hop or Electronica, Northside can fit the bill. Rockin' venues such as The Northside Tavern, Gypsy Hut and Blue Rock Tavern offer cheap or free concerts every weekend and some weeknights, while the straight-friendly gay bar Bronz provides a dance floor for folks to strut their stuff. The local coffee shop Sidewinder gets into the act with open mics and The Comet offers a karaoke night with plenty of passionate and practiced regulars. For those that appreciate drag shows, Northside is also one of the few places in town that regularly hosts them. Gay and lesbian bars include Bullfishes and Bronz - though all the establishments in this area are "alternative lifestyle" friendly.

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