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Northside NoteableWhile Northside is home to many institutions aimed at social justice, environmental sustainability and promotion of the arts, its support of the GLBT community is singularly notable in the Greater Cincinnati area. The Women's Resource (formerly Crazy Ladies bookstore) supports women, and The Gay and Lesbian Community Center provides educational, cultural and community support for the thriving gay community. These organizations also help plan the annual Gay Pride Parade, which boasts hundreds of gay and straight marchers - individuals, bands, churches, politicians and corporations who want to demonstrate their pride in and support of the GLBT community. It's an unique event that lines the parade route with well-wishers from many communities. The parade begins at Burnet Woods in Clifton/University Heights and extends all the way down Ludlow and Hamilton Avenues to Northside, where it culminates in a huge celebration.

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James Heller-Jackson is a resident of Northside who tweets about the neighborhood, his kids, his partner, local business, GLBT news and life in general.

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Northside gets shout-outs from the New York Times: "The Northside district has recently blossomed into a casually hip destination for shopping and night life, particularly along Hamilton Avenue."

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Northside, five minutes from downtown Cincinnati, brings a small-town look and mentality into the city, with its old-fashioned houses, farmers markets, independent shops, and strong community activism. It further sets itself apart with two hilltop nature preserves.

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