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Oakley :: Overview

First Impression: Small and handsome, Oakley is a neighborhood that is almost like a miniature city - it offers all of the major necessities of life (grocery stores, drug stores, hardware shops, etc.) along with plenty of treats (great dining options, a gourmet ice cream shop, designer clothing stores). It's a highly livable area with a great balance between residential and business spaces.

Second Look: Oakley SquareOakley is sometimes referred to as that "neighborhood next to Hyde Park." While it does border Hyde Park, and though it is small, Oakley certainly holds its own and has a distinct personality. Its business district stretches from Oakley Square down Madison, with tree-lined sidewalks that lead past independent shops and restaurants.

The neighborhood has a village feel, as well as an historic touch. The 20th Century Theatre, with its old-style marquis, stands out as a main landmark at the entrance to the business district, and Aglamesis Brothers serves desserts in much the way it did a century ago. In addition to the quaint, historic atmosphere, Oakley also possesses an energy that is upbeat and modern - such as the tea shop Essencha, which serves fine teas and sundries amidst Zen-like décor.

Residential areas in Oakley are quiet and safe, and within easy walking distance from any of its main attractions. It is particularly suitable for families, with many lovely older homes that have been rehabbed and meticulously maintained. Considering the clean, safe streets and the proximity of just about anything one might need, it is no coincidence that Oakley was named by Cincinnati Magazine as one of the "Top 5 Places to Live in Cincinnati."

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As one of Cincinnati's oldest neighborhoods, Oakley is a unique mix of the old and the new. Sometimes overshadowed by its trendy neighbor, Hyde Park, Oakley's eclectic residents know they've got a great thing going in a neighborhood that definitely holds its own.

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A trip to this intriguing corner of Cincinnati offers a blend of community pride and a sense of wry humor, whimsy, and a twist of sophistication.

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It is a neighborhood of front porches, of gas lights and sugar maples. It also has the lowest average home prices of the three-neighborhood region that also includes Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout.

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