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Oakley :: Shopping

Oakley Shopping

Oakley has boutiques and specialty shops of all kinds! Interestingly, many of them cater to kids. Manatee Bookstore is one of the best places in town to find a children's book, and they also have an in-store café serving non-caffeinated beverages. King Arthur's Court is a child's wonderland of toys and games. Spotted Goose supplies all sorts of pint-sized fashions. For organic and other specialty groceries, there's Fresh Market. The Hyde Park Shopping Plaza (which is technically in Oakley) also has a Bigg's and a Kroger as well as a number of chain stores, such as Staples, Michael's and Ace Hardware. Those who like to shop for a cause might like to visit Legacies consignment shop, tucked away in Hyde Park Plaza, which offers furniture and decorative items - with proceeds benefiting the Wellness Community.

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