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Oakley :: Living

This listing of Community Services and Places is designed as a guide to the essential services and destinations of this neighborhood. "Community Services" are the specific services that are used by residents of this neighborhood; "Places" are the free, public places in this neighborhood that both residents and visitors may wish to go.

Community Services

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Official Home Page of Oakley:

As one of Cincinnati's oldest neighborhoods, Oakley is a unique mix of the old and the new. Sometimes overshadowed by its trendy neighbor, Hyde Park, Oakley's eclectic residents know they've got a great thing going in a neighborhood that definitely holds its own.

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A trip to this intriguing corner of Cincinnati offers a blend of community pride and a sense of wry humor, whimsy, and a twist of sophistication.

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It is a neighborhood of front porches, of gas lights and sugar maples. It also has the lowest average home prices of the three-neighborhood region that also includes Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout.

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