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Pleasant Ridge :: History

Pleasant Ridge began as a settlement in 1795, when a small fort (McFarland's Station) was built in nearby Kennedy Heights to protect early settlers from Indian attacks. A short walk to a ridge overlooking the Mill Creek Valley was said to have evoked an agreement within the group that it was, indeed, a "pleasant" ridge.  The Pleasant Ridge Cemetery was dedicated in the same year, and in 1800 became the site of the historic Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church.

The first permanent settlers came in 1809. The settlement was originally known as Cross Roads, because of its focus at the main intersection of two Indian trails, now Ridge Road and Montgomery Road (Turnpike). With the Montgomery Turnpike from Cincinnati to Zanesville, and Ridge Road connecting McFarland's Station to other stations in Carthage and Lockland, Cross Roads was an important stop for travelers, and several businesses cropped up. The building that was the Nine Mile Tavern is still standing at the southwest corner of the Cross Roads intersection. While the building front has been updated, the 160-year-old tin roof is still visible.

In 1832, Cross Roads was a small farming community with a few businesses for turnpike travelers, but in 1850 the name was changed to Pleasant Ridge, and it incorporated as a village in 1891. The first mayor was a descendant of the first permanent settlers. Oil street lamps were added. Cincinnati annexed the neighborhood in 1911.

Pleasant Ridge is known as a strong supporter of the arts, and many artists choose to live here.

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With a combination of niche shops and restaurants as well as strong community roots and a solid housing stock, Pleasant Ridge has come into its own over the past few years as more and more people realize the benefits this diverse gem of a neighborhood can provide.

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Back in the 1850's, many wealthy Cincinnatians chose this scenic area to build their stately mansions. Today's Pleasant Ridge, however, is a community of block parties, neighborhood clubs, and... many various church activities.

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Pleasant Ridge Montessori is on the cutting edge of Ohio public school design... the first public elementary school in Ohio to be certified under a nationally recognized program known as LEED - for highly energy efficient, so-called "green" buildings.

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