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Pleasant Ridge :: Living

This listing of Community Services and Places is designed as a guide to the essential services and destinations of this neighborhood. "Community Services" are the specific services that are used by residents of this neighborhood; "Places" are the free, public places in this neighborhood that both residents and visitors may wish to go.

Community Services

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Official Home Page of Pleasant Ridge:

With a combination of niche shops and restaurants as well as strong community roots and a solid housing stock, Pleasant Ridge has come into its own over the past few years as more and more people realize the benefits this diverse gem of a neighborhood can provide.

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Back in the 1850's, many wealthy Cincinnatians chose this scenic area to build their stately mansions. Today's Pleasant Ridge, however, is a community of block parties, neighborhood clubs, and... many various church activities.

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Pleasant Ridge Montessori is on the cutting edge of Ohio public school design... the first public elementary school in Ohio to be certified under a nationally recognized program known as LEED - for highly energy efficient, so-called "green" buildings.

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