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Price Hill :: Food & Drink

Price Hill Dining--ChiliDining in Price Hill is largely without pretense and easy on the pocket book. Chili-lovers will have multiple options - besides the omnipresent Skyline, there is also Sam's Chili (which also specializes in double-decker sandwiches) and the local favorite, Price Hill Chili (which also serves breakfast all day). Mom and pop diners dot most main streets in Price Hill, where you can find hearty, home-style meals.

If you are in the mood for something elegant, Prima Vista, situated atop a tall hill on Matson Place, offers a stunning view of the city, along with award-winning Italian cuisine.

Price Hill is also a great place for coffee-lovers - there are four coffee shops nearby: Front Porch Café, Bloc Coffee House, Christian's Coffee House and Hill Top Coffee Shop (located inside Cincinnati Christian University's student center). Except for Front Porch Café (which was opened by a group of friends), these cafés are related to religious organizations who wished to create a positive communal place for people of all ages to relax and come together.


Price Hill Nightlife 150Nightlife in Price Hill is often a DIY event; much of its evening entertainment is organized by local community groups, such as Elder High School's tailgating parties and Price Hill Will's "Good Guy Loitering," a monthly event, similar to a block party, where residents will sit outside on their lawns and street corners to forge closer relations with neighbors as well as deter crime. Local coffee shops offer communal hangouts that youth can enjoy, and there is even a youth-oriented club called The Underground (UG) that offers a positive, smoke and alcohol free environment for young adults (over age 16) to hang out and enjoy live music.

For those just seeking a simple drink, options are very affordable at local haunts, such as Tim's 52 Bar, Sportsman's Café, Price Hill Golden Fleece, Crow's Nest, Old Time Saloon and Eighth Street Gardens.

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