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Western Hills :: Arts & Play

Western Hills ArtsWhile the most popular arts scene in Western Hills probably exists within school productions and student recitals that parents attend, The Covedale Center for Performing Arts (which is technically in Covedale) produces famous musicals and other theatrical shows on a regular basis.

Another source for neighborhood arts are at the local libraries, which host craft workshops as well as book readings for both children and adults.


Western Hills RecreationThe West Side's work ethic is matched by its impressive recreational options. A great place to start is Mt. Airy Forest, Cincinnati's largest park (at 1470 acres), which contains 14 miles of hiking trails, 16 miles of bridle trails, 23 picnic lodges, a special wedding area and, for your canine friends, a dog park. In the two-acre fenced dog park in McFarland Woods (on Westwood-Northern Boulevard), dogs may roam freely off-leash while their owners socialize.

The West Side is also home to one of the larger YMCAs in the city, Gamble-Nippert, and a private swim club, Phillips Swim Club. Those who enjoy roller-skating can do so at Western Rollerama, and Western Sports Mall accommodates volleyball, racquetball, basketball, soccer and dodge ball competitors. For serious skateboarders, Delhi Skatepark is nearby. Bowling is the great local pastime and can be played at both Western Bowl and Glenmore Bowl.

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