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Wyoming :: Shopping

Wyoming shoppingIn Wyoming, one can imagine what it might have been like to shop during the earlier part of the century - solely at independent, family-run specialty stores and an open-air market.

During the growing season, you can get your groceries at the farmer's market on Tuesday afternoons, supplementing with meat from Wyoming Meat Market, wines and coffees from Wyoming Wines and desserts from Wyoming Pastry Shop.

For fresh flowers, one can stop by Wyoming Florist. Williams Jeweler deals in fine jewelry, while Wyoming on the Avenue focuses on spirit wear in support of local teams. If you need cushions of any kind, Cushions Direct sells them at factory prices, and picture frames and craft supplies can be found at Browning's of Wyoming.

Other, more "mainline" shopping is plentiful nearby: Tri-County Mall and the surrounding selection of retail offerings are only a short drive up Springfield Pike.

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