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We believe that stories are at the heart of community, and we appreciate our talented and dedicated writers, whose words help us present these Cincinnati stories.

Carlos Aranibar

Carlos is a native of Los Angeles who now lives in Ohio. A freelance writer and humorist, Carlos contributed neighborhood copy for Western Hills. Contact him by email: aranibar.1@earthlink.ne

Feoshia Henderson

Feoshia is a freelance copywriter and a former Cincinnati Enquirer reporter who created Cincyburb, a blog dedicated to highlighting suburban Cincinnati community activities and locally-owned businesses. She has been published in many local and national publications; you can find more about her at www.feoshia.com. She contributed to our Blue Ash, Mason, and Sharonville pages.

April Martin

April Martin is a freelance writer and documentary filmmaker from Glendale, OH. Her passions include the arts and traveling.She contributed neighborhood copy for both Glendale and Wyoming.

Exenia Rocco

Exenia is a freelance writer, singer/songwriter, and dancer based in the Midwest. Her interests range from the arts to business, and she contributed neighborhood copy for West Chester.

Cedric Rose

Cedric is Librarian for Cincinnati's Mercantile Library by day, and writer, rock drummer, and birdwatcher by night. His work has appeared in Art Business News, Kirkus Reviews, Impact Weekly, and CityBeat. He contributed to our Downtown pages.

Linda Ray Rubel

Linda Ray is a member of the CincyProject team and has worked on site development, edited and written copy, selected photos and managed submissions. Formerly CEO and President of Pete's PhotoWorld, she currently is a consultant to for-profit and not-for-profit companies through her company LRR Development. She has lived in Cincinnati all her life.

Elena Stevenson

Elena is a music teacher, freelance writer and regular contributor to Cincyscript, Cincinnati's screenwriting group. Her work has appeared in CityBeat and Columbus' The Other Paper and her commentary on the Asian entertainment scene is available at http://elena.ningin.com. She contributed to our Kenwood and Montgomery pages.

Jennie Toner

Jennie is a writer, teacher and vocal artist who is currently working her way around the world. Her current passion is her blog, and she has published with Cincinnati CityBeat and AbroadView Magazine. More information about Jennie is available in her LinkedIn bio. Jennie contributed to our Clifton and Northside pages.

Liz Wu

Liz, a freelance musician and journalist whose passions include the arts and culture, contributed to many of our neighborhood pages. She is the author of Rosa Farm (Random House, 1996), contributes to CityBeat, CincyChic, SoapBox Cincinnati, Taste Magazine and other publications and is also co-founder/manager of Zeit Productions, a promotions company specially geared toward small businesses and artists/performers. Any free time is dedicated to the nonprofit Play it Forward. You can find more about her at LinkedIn