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Stories are the essence of Community.

Story is older than written language. We're connected by our stories and our hearts and minds are stirred to new insights and the recollection of memories by the sharing of stories. '

This section of the site is an undertaking much larger than we'd originally planned and we know it will have to change shape a lot before long.

There are so many stories of the Greater Cincinnati area, history, innovation, people, sports, politics, geography, arts, science, business, new and old developments of every kind.

Hundreds of local bloggers tell the stories of Cincinnati and the tristate every day. We're just beginning to collect and organize a faithful representation of that incredible work.

Please contact us with your comments, feedback, suggestions and more as we grow & explore this section together.

Change the Conversation, Change the World

Authentic Leadership Cincinnati

How Do Leadership and Community Relate?

Authentic Leadership Cincinnati is proud to present best-selling author and speaker, Peter Block at our next event to discuss Community and the Structure of Belonging.  Mr. Block’s seminar will be held on Thursday, November 4th 

The Neighborhoods of Cincinnati The Neighborhoods of Cincinnati

From The Urbanophile, 6/6/10

Cincinnati can be incredibly surprising to people who don’t know much about it. Cincinnati was the Queen City of the Midwest when Chicago was a small village. And it has an incredible legacy from that day. Cincinnati simply has the greatest collection of assets of any city its size in America. It’s an embarrassment of riches.

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Cincinnati's Stories from Spring Grove

By Diana Brake 3/19/2010

If you really want to learn the history of a place, go to a cemetery.  There are many such fine places in Cincinnati but I am partial to Spring Grove.  With over 220,000 internments covering several hundred acres there are many stories to explore and tell.  Although the cemetery was not chartered until 1845 many people who had died decades before were moved to this new location from other graveyards.  The first burying grounds were in the basin of the city and had become overcrowded, overgrown and according to Dr. Daniel Drake, a possible health hazard to the living.  He knew the pain, having nowhere else to bury his beloved wife.   

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University of Cincinnati Among World's Most Beautiful College Campuses University of Cincinnati Among World's Most Beautiful College Campuses

From UC Magazine, 3/1/10

The University of Cincinnati has proven it doesn't need ivy-covered brick walls to be considered among the world's most-attractive campuses.

Forbes Magazine has named UC among the world's most beautiful college campuses. The magazine's unranked list, released online March 1, 2010, places UC among some elite company including Oxford University in England, Princeton, Stanford, Yale and Trinity College in Ireland.

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What about Cincinnati? What about Cincinnati?

From Life as a Human, 3/4/10

Cincinnati is an edge place. It’s a meeting of red state and blue state, of urban and Appalachia, black culture and white culture, industry and environmentalism.

Everyone should visit Cincinnati.  It’s an important touchstone for understanding the complexity, the challenges, and the hope of America. A perfect place to hone our elemental media, and practice En’owkin, the Okanagan concept that translates as “Please give me the viewpoint most opposite of mine so I can increase my wisdom.”

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Cincinnati Ranked In Top 5 Of Charitable Cities Cincinnati Ranked In Top 5 Of Charitable Cities

From WCPO, 11/20/09

When it comes to being charitable, Cincinnati is among the top cities in the country, according to a new study by Men's Health Magazine.  Cincinnati ranked number four out of 100 major US cities on the list placing it just behind Madison, WI; Richmond, VA; and Seattle, WA. 

The magazine looked at total online charitable contributions, number of donations given to Goodwill in December, and the amount collected by the Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign.  The next highest Ohio city on the list was Toledo which came in at number 64.

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Cincinnati one of America's Safest Cities Cincinnati one of America's Safest Cities

From Forbes, 10/26/09

Cincinnati is the 9th safest city in America according to Forbes.

In its annual list, the magazine broke down a variety of numbers, including workplace death rates, traffic death rates, natural disaster risk, and violent crime rates, to determine their 'safest cities'
among the top 40 most populous metropolitan areas.

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Dewey's Kickball for Autism

By Randy Weeks 9/18/09

The employees of Greater Cincinnati Dewey's Pizza locations have teamed up to raise money for Autism, competing against each other in some lively games of Kickball. Every store fielded a team, with each player contributing to the foundation. They've been having at each other for the past few weeks at the beautiful Roselawn Park, on Seymour Avenue.

This Sunday is the big wrap up tournament between all the stores, on at least two fields, beginning at 11am.

The photos in the slide show above are some I took at last Sunday's games. It's a fun time, for a good cause, with a fine bunch of people, including Cincy.com's own Jessica Perron! 

Getting to Roselawn Park:
2026 Seymour Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45222
Google Map & Directions

Cincinnati's World Class Amenities & Low Cost of Living

By Randy Weeks 9/17/09

Relocating to Cincinnati for its cost of lifestyle is timely and vital information for Young Professionals.

Cincinnati provides Big City lifestyle and amenities at an incredibly affordable cost of lifestyle, making it one of the best places to live in the United States. When searching Google for such terms as Relocating to Cincinnati, that powerful bit of information ought to be more easily discovered. 

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World-Class Musicians Making our Community Better World-Class Musicians Making our Community Better

From SoapBoxMedia Blog, 9/17/09

Only the world's best professional orchestras are invited to perform at Carnegie Hall.  This season, the CSO will make its 48th appearance on the stage of this world-famous venue.  And only the top orchestras are invited to perform in the great halls of Europe and Asia.  In a matter of weeks, the CSO will depart on a seven-concert tour across Japan with two concerts in the esteemed Suntory Hall and one concert that will be televised nationally into millions of Japanese homes.  This follows a phenomenal European tour in 2008 that saw sold-out concert halls in Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Munich and Madrid.  The world is clamoring to hear Cincinnati's world-class orchestra perform live.

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Why We Love Cincy Why We Love Cincy

From CincyMag.com, 7/20/09

What do we love about Cincy? Let us count the ways ...

In this, our second annual “Love Cincy Awards” issue, we celebrate — with the help of hundreds of readers who sent in their votes — all the attributes that make the city a great place to live, work and play.

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36 Hours in Cincinnati 36 Hours in Cincinnati

From the New York Times, 7-17-09

The New York Times' Travel section ran a fine story about Cincinnati today.

See the slide show called "A Weekend in Cincinnati" linked from the story.

In the story, they touch on:

  • The new Fountain Square
  • The baseball stadium
  • Our river views
  • Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum
  • The growing popularity of Northside
  • Local music, dining and beer
  • The Roebling Suspension Bridge, predecessor to New York's own Brooklyn Bridge
  • The Underground Railroad Freedom Center
  • Over The Rhine, Covington and other great neighborhoods

Read the full story at nytimes.com »

Findlay Market and Baby Steps Findlay Market and Baby Steps

July 27, 2009 by Al McLaughlin

The large banner across the top of the stall read "Carlos and Rosa’s Garden". "All the produce at this stand was grown a block and a half from here, in an urban garden." Saheb’s voice rang out. Now the “here” she referred to was a Cincinnati inner-city market named Findlay Market. The stand, manned by a Guatemalan contingent was in an outdoor area called the farmer’s market.

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Primitive Kitchen: A touch of the old 'burbs Primitive Kitchen: A touch of the old 'burbs

A story from CincyBurb, by Cincinnati Jounalist Feoshia Henderson

There's been so much retail and residential development in the Mason, West Chester areas that it's hard to believe... not too long ago much of it was farm land... there are a few glimpses still of what the area was like sometime back.

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Smile, You're in Cincinnati Smile, You're in Cincinnati

From Cincinnati Magazine, May 2009 Issue

What makes us Cincinnatians? Where we went to high school? The pizza sauce at LaRosa’s? Our art museum, opera, or zoo? It’s not any one thing. It’s these 50 things, the encoded and received quirks, characters, institutions, and foods that make this city like no other. Swollen with pride and bakery goods, we’ve ranked these items based on how much they contribute to the Queen City’s identity. This is our civic DNA.

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