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Treasures of Northside Nov. 16th

Please join us for "Treasures of Northside" on Tuesday, November 16 at 6:30 at Prairie, Inc., located at 4035 Hamilton Avenue in Northside (of course.)

See the linked flyer for a description of the living treasures who will featured at this event.

The inspiration for "Treasures" comes from many sources. The first
"Treasures" was hosted by Joe Erpenbeck and the ABCD Team (Asset Based Community Development) in the Westwood Community. This event helped us recognize the power of celebrating "living treasures" who are following their passions and helping their communities become good places for everyone.

Since then, The Strengths-Based Living, Learning, and Leadership
Collaborative has continued the tradition by hosting other "Treasures" in other communities.  We thank Geralyn Hoxsey Sparough, a member of the Strengths-Based Collaborative, for making this Northside Treasures happen.

Take a look at the flyer and plan to join us on November 16th!  Please pass this along to others who might be interested.