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Hyde Park :: Food & Drink

Hyde Park dining collageDining is a favorite pastime in Hyde Park! From delicious home-style diner fare at The Echo, to exotic Indian fusion at Cumin, foodies can feast on all manner of delicacies in area restaurants - most of which are independent. Some establishments of note include: Teller's, which serves upscale meals, beers and wines in a former bank; Red, a classy joint that specializes in steaks and seafood; Beluga, which offers fantastic sushi options and Indigo Casual Gourmet Café, which features Italian cuisine in a warm, relaxed setting. If you happen to like Thai food, you are in luck - Hyde Park has four very popular Thai restaurants: Wild Ginger (with a new outdoor patio and off-street parking), Green Papaya, Bangkok Bistro and Lemongrass.


Hyde Park Square at nightNightlife in Hyde Park tends toward the elegant – you’re much more likely to find folks sipping wine than playing beer pong. Many of the area’s restaurants offer a wide selection of drinks – some of those more known for their nightlife include Beluga, where trendy folks drink their cocktails to international techno music; Sake Bomb, where the specialty of the house is a shot of fermented rice wine dropped into a pint of beer; and Tellers, which offers an extensive beer menu. For a more informal, pub setting, there’s Arthur’s, Hyde Park Tavern and Mulligan’s Hyde Park Pub. One thing to keep in mind is that parking can be limited or difficult to find – so be prepared to search for street parking.

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