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Hyde Park :: Noteworthy

Hyde Park Noteworthy

Hyde Park Square is the hub around which the neigborhood revolves. Kilgour Fountain, the work of Cincinnati-born sculptor Joseph Cronin, dominates the central portion of the inviting green space at the Square's mid-section. Shops, restaurants and offices line the streets that circle and radiate out from the Square.

The entire area is a gathering place for residents and visitors, who window shop, stop for coffee, snack in a sidewalk cafe, eat ice cream from the local Graeter's, and stroll around and through the Square. The local fire station sets out bowls of water to accommodate the many thirsty dogs being walked in the summertime, and sometimes the firemen stand outside and talk to visiting kids. The Square hosts an annual Art Show, and in the summer, a farmers' market is located nearby.

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The web master of hydeparksquare.org also makes use of other social media to put out information about the community. Follow the updates on Twitter!

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The charm of Hyde Park, one of Cincinnati's oldest neighborhoods on the east side of the city, captivates visitors upon arrival with picturesque scenery... The neighborhood's mecca, Hyde Park Square, is home to shops, delectable eateries and swank but serious businesses.

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A delightfully walkable neighborhood, Hyde Park seems to enjoy an unusually significant number of dog-walkers, joggers, rollerbladers and tricked out baby strollers criss-crossing its tree shaded side streets.

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[Hyde Park] is an upscale area where stately, well-maintained homes with manicured lawns dot tree-lined streets. Prominent Cincinnatians... continue to call Hyde Park home.

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