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Hyde Park :: Overview

First Impression: A trendy meeting place for young professionals, a thriving business district and a favorite area for joggers, Hyde Park is a clean, upscale neighborhood with a good balance between offering a cozy, village feel while at the same time supplying all the amenities of a modern commercial area.

Forbes.com: Hyde Park is one of America's Best Neighborhoods

Hyde Park Square (Photo by Randy Weeks)November 3, 2010: Forbes.com says Hyde Park is one of America's Best Neighborhoods. They have this to say about the community:
"Hyde Park values education: 95% of the neighborhood's residents over age 25 have a high school diploma, and at least 70% have a bachelor's degree, according to the American Planning Association. The neighborhood also has 175 shops, restaurants and other businesses. On Sundays from May through October, check out the farmers' market near Hyde Park Square." Full Story at Forbes.com

The Forbes story features a photo of Hyde Park Square taken by Cincy.com and PGCincinnati.com contributor, Randy Weeks. 

Second Look: Hyde ParkHyde Park, a handsome, pedestrian-friendly and bustling neighborhood, is known as one of Cincinnati's more prestigious areas to live, work or entertain. Situated along I-71 within 10 minutes of Downtown and Kenwood Towne Center, and close to the Norwood Lateral and I-75, convenience and accessibility are two of the area's strengths.

While costs tend to be higher in Hyde Park, there is some flexibility - real estate, for example, is quite expensive, but rentals can be relatively affordable. Many of the higher-end restaurants have reasonably-priced lunches and happy hour specials (such as half-price appetizers at Teller's) and there is plenty of fun to be had strolling in Hyde Park Square, window shopping and grabbing a modest treat, such as Graeter's ice cream or a latte from Awakenings.

Hyde Park is a great place to take a long stroll, with plenty of time to take in the well-landscaped yards and historic architecture (including many large Victorian estates and German single-family homes). Hyde Park was established in the 1890's by wealthy businessmen, who desired the area to favor personal dwellings and small-scale shops, rather than factories and other big businesses - an intent that holds to this day.

Popular with professionals looking for classy hangouts and romantic dinners, but also appealing to families concerned with safe streets, Hyde Park is a neighborhood that offers something for everyone.

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The web master of hydeparksquare.org also makes use of other social media to put out information about the community. Follow the updates on Twitter!

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The charm of Hyde Park, one of Cincinnati's oldest neighborhoods on the east side of the city, captivates visitors upon arrival with picturesque scenery... The neighborhood's mecca, Hyde Park Square, is home to shops, delectable eateries and swank but serious businesses.

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A delightfully walkable neighborhood, Hyde Park seems to enjoy an unusually significant number of dog-walkers, joggers, rollerbladers and tricked out baby strollers criss-crossing its tree shaded side streets.

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[Hyde Park] is an upscale area where stately, well-maintained homes with manicured lawns dot tree-lined streets. Prominent Cincinnatians... continue to call Hyde Park home.

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