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Western Hills :: Overview

First Impression: Western Hills is an area where old fashioned values prevail. A major component of the west side of the city, Western Hills exemplifies the "West Side" feel - with a focus on family, a blue-collar work ethic, conservative leanings and a no-nonsense approach to life. It's a no frills, straight-forward place where what you see is what you get.

Second Look: Western Hills is a part of the city that operates with a certain amount of autonomy. A mix of residential neighborhoods and strip mall-style commercial zones, Western Hills offers all the basic necessities of life; one need never leave its boundaries - and, in fact, many never do. It is not uncommon to hear locals comment that they haven't left the west side of town in decades, or to refer to out-of-state travel in the same way others might describe international journeys.

There is a deep loyalty peculiar to the West Side of town; though much of the shopping available is through chain and big box stores like Target and Best Buy, there are still a fair number of small, local shops - which are supported by a group of die-hard regulars. Those born in the area tend to stay for the duration of their lives, with entire families living within five minutes of one another and with homes often passed down through generations.

West Siders tend to be tightly-knit, straight-forward folk with a fierce pride in their families, neighborhood, churches, country and sports teams (including the local high school teams). Residents are friendly and frankly honest, and though keenly aware of whether or not you are a local, they are also generally welcoming.

One of the benefits of living on the west side of town is the great recreational facilities, including large parks and ample sports and fitness centers. For those with families, it is also an area with a strong community feel, and where residents are highly active within neighborhood schools and local churches. Religion is an important part of life on the West Side, with a predominantly protestant Christian but also sizable Catholic population. It is commonplace to hear bible quotes inserted within casual conversation; being Christian is just a given on the west side of town, and, to a degree, being Republican as well.

If you are the type of person who enjoys a simple, uncomplicated life, home-cooked foods, a cold pint of domestic beer and a close-knit community with a focus on family values, Western Hills fits the bill.


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